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Online-Only Ready-to-Wear Collection AYR Sets a New Bar for E-Commerce


What makes you click? If you're like me, afternoon lulls take one of two forms: Instagram trolling or fake online shopping. With regards to the latter, I say "fake" because my eComm session usually ends with a mental flash of my bank account, a quick snap shut of my wallet and a wistful abandoned shopping cart.

So…what makes you click? I found my answer last week when I visited the latest brainchild of Bonobos' Andy Dunn: a new womenswear collection that goes by the name of AYR. AYR stands by its style pillars of effortless, edited and essential, a line designed to be worn All Year Round. Stay tuned for the full collection launching early 2014. For now, a denim "pop up" if you will, featuring the most premium denim in a variety of washes and styles — with the new charcoal Ciggy hitting virtual shelves today.

Do I need another pair of jeans in my closet? Survey says, good God no. So what made me click? The site welcomes with a light and airy introduction, a mix of gorgeous images and brief descriptors, followed by an insanely detailed and intuitive way to shop with, wait for it, scrolling video. Why have brands not done this before?! I felt like the jeans were right in front of me, analyzing every seam, button and rivet. And, yeah, I clicked.

Post purchase, I caught up with Brand Director Maggie Winter and Design Director Jac Cameron for a speed round of style questions:

AYR Team Designer Jac Cameron, Brand Lead Maggie Winter

AYR Team Designer Jac Cameron, Brand Lead Maggie Winter

Style Icon:

  • Maggie: Emmanuelle Alt
  • Jac: Daphne Guinness, Kate Moss and Carine Roitfeld

Favorite Restaurant:

  • Maggie: Three-way tie: Cafe Gitane, John's Pizza and Shun Lee
  • Jac: Caravan of Dreams is vegan/vegetarian deliciousness

Dream Vacation:

  • Maggie: The Amazon
  • Jac: Macchu Pichu, Peru

Best Advice You've Ever Received:

  • Maggie: Be good to people.
  • Jac: Never marry a drinker – my mother told me that.

If you weren't doing this for a living, you'd be_____:

  • Maggie: A writer. Probably a struggling one.
  • Jac: Owner of Jac's Guac Shack

Last Thing You Googled:

  • Maggie: "NYC exotic fish store"
  • Jac: "Air BNB apartments in Venice Beach"

Favorite Era for Fashion (and Why):

  • Maggie:The 90s for its gorgeous minimalism. I aspire to it, though I'm a hoarder by nature.
  • Jac: Grunge. I like layers upon layers and unkempt hair.

Looking Forward To in 2014:

  • Maggie: The launch of AYR!!!
  • Jac: (ditto)