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Watch: Model Esmerelda Seay-Reynolds (Next) Tells Us About Her Lifelong Obsession with Alexander McQueen

A few days ago at the Next Artists Beauty Suite, we spoke with Esmerelda Seay-Reynolds (Next), who is embarking on her second season of runway shows. Last September, she was selected for a number of Katie Grand exclusives and she almost started crying when she found out she would be closing Marc Jacobs. "But [Katie Grand] was like, 'Don't do that! Your makeup's going to run!'" 

Below, watch Seay-Reynolds tells us about her sense of style ("Usually, I like things that are Tim Burton-y, which works for me because I kind of look like one of his characters."), what it was like to attend The Met's Alexander McQueen exhibit with her entire family, and why it can sometimes be difficult to be friends with other models. 

Video by Jennifer Davidson and Nika Mavrody / Post-production by Lindsay C. Harris 

Filmed at Dune Studios at New York City / Special thanks to Next Model Management's Artists Division