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Fashion Tweets from the First Day of #LFW

Today was the first day of London fashion week Fall 2014. Goodbye NYC #snowmageddon, hello pond jumpers. While the time difference means the city of London is thriving right now with raging after-parties, we're able to bring you the scoop early in your day. Neat, huh? Shall we get on with it, then? (I wrote that in a British accent). 

First up is a standard "calm before the storm" pic courtesy of LFW Daily. Ah, it's nice to see the casual loiterer by the train station. Almost feels like home. Porter magazine gave us a great shot of high-end invitations to shows while British sites, bloggers and stylists gave us in-show access to some of the best looks of the day. A few Americans chimed in as well. Mickey Boardman let out a now open secret and an American V-day classic tune was playing during the Mark Fast finale. Check it all out below!

1. The LFW Daily


2. Porter Magazine


3. Antonia Kraskowski, Fashion Stylist at The Daily Express


4. Hillary Kerr, Founder Who What Wear


5. Sasha Wilkins, Fashion Blogger


6. Mickey Boardman, Editorial Director Paper Magazine


7. Hannah Crosskey, Blogger


8. Fashion Foie Gras


9. Coco Rocha, Supermodel


10. Zero Magazine