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21 Questions with… Actress and Style Blogger Katie Cassidy



Actress, style blogger and tFS Guest Editor, Katie Cassidy, answers our 21 questions.

  1. I usually get up around… 6:45 a.m.

  2. The first thing I do in the morning is… check my Twitter as I brush my teeth while coffee is brewing.

  3. When I'm getting dressed I usually think… I try not to think. When I think about what I'm going to wear, it's usually a mistake. I like to look accidentally brilliant.

  4. The item of clothing I'm currently wearing most is… big oversized coats.

  5. When it comes to dressing for Fashion Week I… try to plan for it actually. Fashion week is stressful enough I don't want the extra outfit stress while I'm there. Usually I consider the weather, then say screw it, I'll wear what I want.

  6. One luxury item I'm dying to splurge on is… the Trois Jours bag by Fendi.

  7. When it comes to trends… I avoid them as long as I can, but sometimes eventually cave. I prefer to be a trendsetter.

  8. I would never leave my home without… mascara.

  9. My beauty essentials include… Too faced powder, eyelash curler, mascara, my chubby stick, and benefit bronzer.

  10. When I'm stressed I… sketch or do yoga.

  11. My biggest fashion pet peeve is… wrinkled clothing.

  12. The last thing I googled was… Karl Lagerfeld.

  13. If my days had one extra hour I'd… sit in the sauna (relaxing time).

  14. My guilty pleasure is… pizza and ranch dressing!!!!!

  15. To look good on camera/in a photo it's important to remember… to drink a lot of water the night before!

  16. When it comes to my family, people would be surprised to learn… I have three dads… It's complicated.

  17. My biggest fashion regret… too many to think about…

  18. The best style advice I ever got… don't worry about what other people are going to say or think, just rock it.

  19. The most amazing place I traveled to was… Paris, obviously. Hotel de Crillon.

  20. As far as trying to live a healthy lifestyle I… work out, eat heathy and stay positive.

  21. The most treasured item in my closet is… my mother's leather coat from 1970. It's sick!