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I’ve been lusting over Michelle Siwy’s line of glamorous pants for quite some time now. Siwy Denim is the recession-conscious fashionista’s answer to wardrobe indulgence. Although unfavorable financial times may deter some from spending one to two hundred dollars on a pair of pants, shelling out some cash into some Siwy Denim is an investment that is a surefire way to build your emotional stock.

Let’s face it, we all wear our designer jeans for years, and mourn their final tear. Many girls wear jeans from day to night year-round, and thrive on the perfect fit, fabric, and flirtation factor. You will get all that and more after slipping into a pair of Siwy’s. If it’s any indication of the brand’s success, every starlet and supermodel from Hollywood to New York is sporting a pair out to brunch or to the latest hot spot.

Siwy’s inspiration is a grown-up Lolita aesthetic, and suggests that sweet provocative dreams do come true. There is a feeling of subtle sex appeal in each pair, from basic designs to sparkly ones.  I’ve been loathe to invest any money in acid washed denim in the past couple of seasons, however I am sold on the Tambourine-styled take on overalls.

Here is my interview with the designer behind Siwy Denim.

Q:  Who is the Siwy woman?

A:  The Siwy woman is sophisticated with an edge. She has a serious appreciation for style, fashion, art, beauty and design – but with a sense of humor, too.

Q:  How do you think the line gained such a magnificent starlet following?

A:  Celebrity or not, our jeans are not only super stylish, but will make your body look amazing. Those who are in the public eye always need something fresh, new, and fun.

Q:  What fabric are the sequined jeans made from – is it denim?

A:  They are made of sequined fabric, not denim. They are, however, made with "denim styling", which makes them much easier to pull off. You have the comfort of 4-pocket detailing and reinforcement to lift and shape your body.

Q:  What inspired you to create such a daring design, and what has the result been? They looked fantastic on Poppy Delevigne and caught my eye way before that. Since an item like sequin jeans is such a luxury, how have the buyers been responding?

A:  We have had an amazing reaction. Buyers need something fresh that really stands out, to make it worth the purchase. The style is very fun, and right now, we need fun and positivity.

Q:  What is Siwy’s best selling pant?

A:  Our Hannah/Slim Crop style in many washes sells well all year. We also have a hard time keeping our shorts in stock during the summer.

Q:  The launch of the Shopbop film was brilliant eye candy, and an excellent press statement – what has the response been?

A:  The story was awesome and with all the styling detail, it was quintessentially New York City. We got a lot of credit from the serious fashionistas who really get it. I am so glad to have been part of a story that represents the city I hail from. There is no place on earth like New York City!

Q:  What can we expect from you in the future?

A:  We are taking over the world!