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The battle lines have been drawn; not in the sand, but definitely in the mohair and cashmere.  And I, a woman who can barely manage a single push up, have been transformed into a warrior.  My sworn enemy?  The cunning little Tineola bisselliella (or clothing moth as he’s more commonly known).  My field of combat, the neatly folded knitwear in my closet.

I had thought, following a focused barrage of mothballs, that the war had been won last year; but now that the cold weather has arrived my beleaguered sweaters tell me otherwise.  A hole here, a frayed piece of yarn there, and all of a sudden my winter wardrobe has been transformed from an investment into lunch (a banquet, I might add, for which I paid the bill but never received an invitation).

Strategically, I’m not quite sure what my next move should be.  Dry cleaning is a known moth slayer, but having every piece of fabric in my apartment dry-cleaned is neither practical nor financially viable.  Likewise, extreme heat and cold act as deterrents, but would dishearten me long before it discouraged the moths.  Of course, there’s always chemical warfare – but I can’t help but feel that anything that would poison the enemy would certainly not do me any good.  Which brings me back to last year’s unsuccessful mothball; perhaps this year I should use them as missiles and throw them at my foe…