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Hard to imagine that anyone would come-out and say their designs are being copied by Lindsay Lohan (and not wish that they were being copied by someone who is known for having a more astute eye). That said, given that La Lohan is expanding her line of leggings into a full-on contemporary clothing brand, there’s no denying that someone is buying her merch.

And speaking of the ready to wear line, James Lillis, the designer behind Black Milk Clothing, and Jen Kao both have been vocal these past few years about similarities between leggings (the former), and the sample dress that Lindsay Lohan was widely photographed wearing recently (the latter).

Specifically, James Lillis claimed that the starlette’s “Diamond” leggings are a knock-off of his “Sheer Spartans.” Both designs have a triangle cutout in the mid-thigh region: “Caught a sneak peek at the new stuff from Lindsay Lohan’s brand 6126…No way…Sucks to be me!!!” is what the designer posted to his blog.

As for Kao, the similarity between her dress and Lohan’s was first pointed out by, and when asked about Kao remarked, “While we are all well aware that being ‘mimicked’ or ‘copied’ has always existed in this industry, I think the evolution of it all has grown to an alarming level. It’s a shame to support the concept of taking advantage of designers who are still trying to develop a name and solidify the image of their design aesthetic.”

Of course the star’s camp denies any copying, and it’s unlikely that either designer will take any further action, given the funds that would be required. I do see the similarities between the designs, but whether or not the designs were actual knock-offs is hard to say for certain.  Personally, I don’t find any of the designs to be original enough to understand what all the huff is about.