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How I Got to Be… Harper’s Bazaar Senior Accessories Editor with Amanda Weiner

Amanda Weiner and I have shot fashion stories atop the snowy hills of Aspen, beneath the red rocks of the Moab Desert, even underwater in Miami's blue sea. Sometimes, the weather didn't cooperate and the makeup artist didn't show up (or spent the day tanning shirtless — true story), but somehow the stories always ended up looking effortlessly gorgeous. As producer, she was my styling secret weapon.

These days, when she's not jet-setting to Milan, Paris or Coachella (pinning her down for this interview was a feat in itself!), you can find Amanda well-dressed and working away as Harper's Bazaar Senior Accessories Editor. Let's meet Amanda.

Julie Bensman: In a nutshell, what exactly do you do all day?

Amanda Weiner: I’m lucky because my days are filled with beautiful jewelry and accessories. I meet with designers and see their creations, and then when I’m back at the office, I conceptualize stories, pull together trends and dream about the different ways in which we can communicate these ideas to our readers.

JB: Why did you veer towards accessories over ready-to-wear?

AW: I love how accessories can communicate a character, and can live with you season to season, year to year. Accessories can tell a story, mark a memory and can really become icons of the wearer. Think of the charm bracelet that was passed down through generations or your first Chanel handbag.

JB: When was the last time you thought, "Now THIS is why I love my job…"

AW: When I spent the afternoon at Bulgari’s headquarters in Rome talking to Lucea, their creative director. Her stories were endlessly amazing!

JB: What's on your office desk at that moment?

AW: A baby bronze elephant is always the first thing I put on a new desk – I received it from my sister for luck. There are also usually stacks of jewelry, books and magazines.

JB: You couldn't do your job without…

AW: Passion. Sounds a little cheesy, but it’s the truth. Being an editor is the most fun job a girl could have, but it can also be trying. You have to really love it!

JB: How would you describe your own sense of style?

AW: Classic, but with a modern edge. I tend towards monochrome, but I'm drawn towards interesting silhouettes and rich textures.

JB: Which designers are you in love with right now?

AW: Chloe, Stella McCartney and Valentino are always favorites. My favorite accessories this season are from Nicholas Ghesquiere’s debut collection for Louis Vuitton.

JB: When not working, you can usually be found [here] and [doing this].

AW: On a plane, heading somewhere warm (when I have it my way, at least!)

JB: Last thing you googled?

AW: The history of ice cream.