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Lea Michele’s Brunette Ambition

Lea Michele Brunette Ambition

She's known for her role on Glee, her incredible vocal talent and her knock-'em-dead sense of style. In the middle of all of that, actress and singer Lea Michele somehow managed to work the role of author into the mix, too. The result: Brunette Ambition, The New York Times bestselling must-read lifestyle book that navigates Michele's tips for living healthily, happily and glamorously.

The colorful book is a peek inside the life of one of television's most beloved young actresses, but Brunette Ambition is far more than a run-of-the-mill autobiography. Michele takes readers on a revealing journey, beginning with her childhood in the Bronx to her beyond impressive rise on Broadway, leading up to her rise as the star of Glee. Crediting her tenacity and work ethic to her parents, Michele sparkled with drive and charisma seemingly from the very start. And it's this combination — along with her relentless self-confidence — that cemented Michele's place in performing arts.

Brunette Ambition also puts the shine on Michele's forward-thinking approach to life, all born of an innate sense of discipline that extends far beyond the entertainment industry. Michele is all about living right — she eats well, takes care of her body and is a self-professed foodie. She even shares some of her favorite tried-and-true recipes. She's also highly committed to her physical fitness and, perhaps most importantly, always takes time out of that crazy schedule to truly unwind.

Most impressive is that Michele is a relatable young woman and such a positive force. Simply put, she's been there — places we've all either been or will one day be, and she's also an everywoman with a knack for making the best of any circumstance. Her book is packed with advice we can all abide by, which makes Brunette Ambition an incredibly useful guide for everything.