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This Year’s Copenhagen Fashion Week is All About Sustainability

Image: WireImage/ Getty Images

Image: WireImage/ Getty Images

Copenhagen Fashion Week kicks off this week and in the midst of all the fanfare, there is a bit of a serious vibe. The event is hoping to act as a platform to raise awareness and encourage more designers to create sustainable fashion, while enticing consumers to shop smarter when they’re buying clothes. 

With the fact that the world is basically crumbling beneath us, sustainability has become a more important conversation than ever. Not to mention the notoriously subpar conditions endured by the factory workers who mass-produce our garments. As an industry and as a planet, it’s becoming increasingly imperative for designers and large brands to find ways to produce clothes in a manner that’s easier on our environment and the garment workers. The organizers of the newly dubbed Copenhagen Fashion Festival are determined to shine a light on sustainability, and have committed to making it the focus of this week’s event.  

In addition to fashion shows, Copenhagen Fashion Week will have a series of sustainability-focused events. First, from August 4 to August 10, New Nordic Fashion will take place, which is an exhibit at Nikolaj Kunsthal showcasing sustainable clothing crafted by designers like Marimekko, Designers Remix and David Andersen. The designers created fashionable looks made from plastic water bottles, seaweed and even milk. On August 7, Copenhagen City Hall will hold a mass public forum on whether or not consumers should care about the way their clothing is produced. Something tells us they should. They’re even putting together a guide to sustainable shopping in the city, which they’ve named the “Green Walk.”

And for the grand finale — a mass clothing swap in Copenhagen’s City Hall Square, which should be a doozy. The festival is inviting everyone to stop by, drop off their old clothing and shop for new ones absolutely free. Attendees can browse and take as much as they like from this enormous swap meet. 

Copenhagen Fashion Festival is open to all people, so if you want to learn more about eco-conscious fashion, check out the full list of events going down this week.