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Kids (Hilariously) Weigh in on Fall 2014 Ad Campaigns

High-fashion ad campaigns are ofttimes pretty wacky. The feeling of “What is going on here?” is one we’ve all had at some point or another — fashion ads can get pretty ridiculous, after all. But this season, instead of scratching our heads wondering, “What in the world is happening to these designer-clad models and why do they look so sad and confused?” we decided to get a few unbiased opinions on the season’s most noted campaigns.

No one has a more active imagination than a child, so we asked a few of our youngest buddies, between the ages of 6 and 8, to help us out. Jack (6), Amir (8) and Rami (6) weigh in on six Fall 2014 campaigns with some keen (and hilarious) analysis.

Image: Lanvin

Image: Lanvin

Jack: I think they are just acting cool. They are thinking: “Maybe we should plant more flowers because we only have three.”

Amir: I don’t like it because it looks very weird. It’s actually not a drawing, but it looks like a drawing. It looks like two ladies are jumping into an invisible white lava pool. I would put these ladies somewhere safe. They need to be far away from here. 

J: Wait, that’s a girl??? If her shirt was all red, I would like it. But I don’t like her hair. And she looks bored.

A: They’re thinking about doing some really good stuff they were going to do, but now aren’t going to do it because they fell into that trap. 

J: I like all the pretty flowers. I do like that the other girl is like, “Do I look bored to you? I’m just going about my day. Don’t think I’m boring like the other girl.” And she’s not having a good day. I don’t like the clothes.