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Attention Vintage Fanatics: Farfetch Launches Biba Boutique


Vintage Biba pieces from; Images: Courtesy of Farfetch

Today, Farfetch launches its Biba boutique in partnership with vintage mecca Decades. Fans of the legendary label will no doubt rejoice. We had to chat with Owner and Founder of Decades Cameron Silver about Biba, vintage and shopping. Naturally, we also had to pick some favorites from Biba’s archives and the offerings up for grabs on Farfetch.

theFashionSpot: How did you go about picking the specific Biba items for Farfetch?

Cameron Silver: Drawing from this extremely large collection, I was drawn to the most iconic and wearable pieces that would resonate with a fashionable 21st century Farfetch shopper.

tFS: Any personal faves?

CS: That’s a Sophie’s Choice question! I truly love everything.

tFS: Any tips for pulling off some of the bolder Biba looks?

CS: Go bold or go home, but in all honestly, I suggest modernizing looks with current accessories or juxtaposing a flouncy top with a tough leather legging, for example.

tFS: What is it about Biba that you think is so timeless that the pieces can be worn today?

CS: Everyone references Biba, and so many brands have tried to emulate the “lifestyle” quality of the brand. I am drawn to the femininity of the cuts, the quirky prints and nostalgia for what was a very exuberant period of youth culture in a multitude of art forms.

tFS: Tell us what you love the most about Farfetch.

CS: Farfetch makes independent retailers accessible to a broader audience. Indie retailers are the ones to discover new talent and take the risks to buy in a more editorialized manner. I have been shopping Farfetch since its inception, and found things that were impossible to source locally. It’s a great equalizer of global style.

 tFS: What are the most treasured items in your personal closet?

CS: Another Sophie’s Choice question. I would say anything that a designer custom made for me, ranging from a Mary Katrantzou digital print suit, Costume National olive python moto jacket, Phillip Lim tuxedo and very special haute couture pieces from Jean Paul Gaultier when he occasionally has showed men’s pieces on the runway.

tFS: Any pieces you sold that you wish you had kept for yourself?

CS: I am not emotionally attached to women’s clothes, but my personal closet runneth over.

tFS: With vintage, authentication is one of the biggest concerns. What’s your process?

CS: Decades has been around since 1997, and with experience comes wisdom. Everything vintage still gets vetted directly through me after 17 years and I like to think I have a pretty discerning eye.

tFS: How do you go about sourcing products for Decades?

CS: I go to a lot of funerals of rich and fashionable women.

tFS: Any tips for styling vintage? Do you suggest mixing it up with new pieces or do you think head-to-toe vintage could work without it looking dated?

CS: The vintage item is your “statement,” so have this conversation piece be supported by a balance of modern selections. Head-to-toe vintage only works if you are acting onstage or going to a Halloween party.