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One Minute with … Coach Designer Stuart Vevers


Coach showed its Spring 2015 collection today with a backdrop that left many surprised — in a good way. The set, a gas station in the Texas desert, was both beautiful and surreal; moody in the most Lynchian of ways. For those of us who have spent many an evening driving around that part of the country, it’s never been more beautiful than at Coach.

Creative Director Stuart Vevers spoke to us about the set and the bold collection that accompanied it. Think colorful spring furs, leopard print and bright hues. The focus was on clothing as well as leather, and the RTW was a strong spring outing.

theFashionSpot: Love the set. It feels like we’ve been here already!

Stuart Vevers: You know, last season when we had the backdrop of the regular American street, a lot of people were like, “You’re frightening me Stuart.”

tFS: You’re hanging around our parents’ homes! So, tell us about the inspiration for the collection.

SV: I felt it was really important to continue the journey we started with fall, so there’s a lot of the references of Americana, cool American ease and effortlessness. We wanted that to come through, but to say something new. Last season we were juxtaposing utility and luxury, we kept some of that feeling and then we also started to juxtapose some streetwear with luxury. We were referencing the melting pot — we started with the melting pot of New York, this girl who is referencing a bit of music, a bit of a skate girl, a bit of surf girl, mixing it up.

tFS: A very cool girl, but with some moody undertones.

SV: Yeah, exactly. We wanted her to have that depth, and definitely the set, we wanted to juxtapose that.

pastel furs at Coach Spring 2015

image: Getty

tFS: The furs were very interesting for spring.

SV: Yes, very! I kind of imagine a girl hanging out by the pool and it’s just starting to get dark and she throws on this bit of fluff, and it was also a very organic connection to the big shearling coat we did for fall. We kind of wanted a nod to that in a new, spring-like way.

tFS: Is there one piece that you love the most out of this collection?

SV: That’s a really good question. I think it’s probably at the moment some of the leopard pieces. They have this sense of nostalgia about them. I kind of like the idea of Coach referencing familiar things and then twisting them.

Leopard pieces at Coach Spring 2015

image: Getty

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