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One Minute With … Designer Mathieu Mirano

Mathieu Mirano

Referring to his collection as an “odd bouquet,” emerging designer Mathieu Mirano presented 31 pieces at New York Fashion Week today. With a palette consisting largely of white and black with bursts of orange and red, the architectural elements shone through in the form of rubberized cotton in laser grid patterns and modernized pleats and peplums. We caught up with the 23-year-old New York-based designer to talk Fashion Week, Lady Gaga and more.

theFashionSpot: What is your inspiration for the Spring 2015 collection?

Mathieu Mirano: I put together this odd bouquet of influences from all over the world. If I were to describe the Mathieu Mirano woman in one word, it would be worldly. She’s sharp, she’s polished, she’s intelligent, but most of all, she’s worldly. Taking from her travels, she’s understanding all these different natural elements, as well as architectural elements. So it’s important to understand that she’s a global woman.

tFS: What’s your favorite piece in the collection?

MM: It’s the fire dress. It feels sexy, but it’s not vulgar. The body is evident, but it’s never blatantly put out.

Mathieu Mirano's fire dress, Spring 2015

Mathieu Mirano’s fire dress, Spring 2015

tFS: What do you love about Fashion Week?

MM: Preparing for it is actually really fun. A lot of people get really stressed out about it, but I’m actually quite calm. (He is.)

tFS: What do you least like about Fashion Week?

MM: I’m sad when it’s over! I’m one of the few. This is my fourth or fifth season and it only keeps getting more exciting.

tFS: How do you feel about being so successful at such a young age?

MM: I’m only 23 and first showed at the tents when I was 19, and I am eternally grateful. This doesn’t happen to everyone.

tFS: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

MM: Still in the same office I’m in now, designing for that sophisticated, polished woman. I just moved to the garment center and as an emerging designer, I feel it’s really important to produce in New York. When you produce in China, you get back flat clothes and we really want to give it that three-dimensional couture edge with architectural elements.

tFS: I know Lady Gaga is a client of yours, can you describe working with her in two words?

Creativity and freedom. When I sit down with her, it’s an inspiring time and I always look forward to being with her.

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