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One Minute With … Designer Sally LaPointe


Sally LaPointe moved to New York City and launched her line in 2010 and since then, there has been constant buzz about it. LaPointe has been profiled in multiple publications and has had her clothing worn by celebrities like Katy Perry, Rita Ora and Lady Gaga, just to name a few. We were stoked to catch up with her before her Spring 2015 show and bond over important things like Beyonce and lipstick.

theFashionSpot: I love you lip color.

Sally LaPointe: Thank you! It’s actually an Armani lip pencil.

tFS: My kind of girl! So tell me a little bit about what we’ll see today.

SL: Thanks! I started out with the idea of “Spring Cleaning” when I started to design, so it seemed like a natural fit. Like, an overall cleanse or palette cleanser—a fresh start. It was about focusing on having less and letting things stand for themselves.

tFS: We gotta know about the music we’ll hear today.

SL: Actually, I’m really excited about it. Do you know Anna Clavi? She just did a remix of “Ghostrider” and it’s a very deep, mysterious, sensual and intense song which will be the main song for the show.

tFS: What’s your one backstage must before a show?

SL: I always need music. I love Beyonce.

tFS: Um. Me too—you don’t understand…

SL: [Laughs] Yes, her album is playing right now. And I also need a lot of water and gum. 

images: Imaxtree

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