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One Minute with … Designer August Getty

Meet August Getty, the 20-year-old designer who wooed Whoopi Goldberg to his first Fashion Week show.

image: getty

image: getty

theFashionSpot: You’re the new guy in town. How do you feel?

August Getty: Very excited! I’m not even nervous at this point. I’m so happy to have the team I’m with. I’ve always had this inside of me, but no one knew me yet.

tFS: Is your real name August?

AG: Yes! I was born in August.

tFS: What was it like to grow up Getty? Private school and personal drivers?

AG: Yes, but I’ve never let it affect me. My family is beautiful and supportive. We’re very liberal and artistic. 

tFS: Your shirt says “I Love Vicky Vox.” Explain!

AG: She’s a very dear friend of mine and a fantastic performer, who will be sitting in the front row. It’s also a tribute to Alexander McQueen when he wore the “We Love You Kate” T-shirt.

tFS: Did you know Alexander McQueen?

AG: I was supposed to intern for him the summer he [died]. It’s a very sensitive subject for me. I never met him, but I hold my passion for him close to my heart.

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