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One Minute with … Donna Karan at DKNY

Donna Karan at the DKNY Spring 2015 show

Donna Karan at the DKNY Spring 2015 show; Image: Getty

It really isn’t New York Fashion Week without DKNY. Each season, the collection heralds a new way to celebrate the New York woman. Today’s show, themed New York Nation, had real New Yorkers walking the runway, including DJ May Kwok, Brandee Brown, Lauren Switzer, Va$htie, Chynna, Lee Bullitt and Jungle. Donna Karan has always celebrated women and what makes us unique, and this show reinforced that.

The collection itself was a gorgeous meshing of colors — some falling on the autumnal spectrum — and layers, from knits to jackets. Cut-out dresses were standouts. All-in-all, a very perfect DKNY showing.

We got a minute with Donna Karan after the presentation to talk about the amazing models she used in today’s show.


Image: Getty

theFashionSpot: Congratulations on the show. The concept of New York Nation was really brought home by your real people models. What was it like for you to work with them?

Donna Karan: Last season was an inspiration of using the people of New York, DKNY and New York are one, that’s why DKNY. So, what we wanted to do was celebrate the streets, celebrate the people, celebrate the artistry, celebrate the craft, get into the community — you know, keep it a little edgy, which DKNY usually is, and I think more and more fashion has come to New York and really needs to celebrate it more.

tFS: Are you going to keep using more New York women?

DK: I don’t know! [laughs] I just finished the collection! But they will be in the ads, and that’s the beauty of it.


DJ May Kwok walked the runway at DKNY; image: Getty

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