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One Minute With … Designer Alejandro Ingelmo

Alejandro Ingelmo

Alejandro Ingelmo Spring 2015; image: Getty Images

We admit, we have a shoe problem. And when our love for shoes is compounded with our obsession with charming designers, well, it’s all over. So we practically swoon over Alejandro Inglemo. The man knows his heels. From flats to sky-high stilettos, you will almost always look good in a pair of his shoes. We popped around to his Spring 2015 presentation, which was a wonderful mix of pastels, reds and metallics in extremely sexy styles.

Ingelmo took a moment to speak to us about his designs and what he has planned for his time off.

theFashionSpot: What’s the inspiration for the season?

Alejandro Ingelmo: A lot of white, everything is very light, pastel washed. There’s red, a  lot of red this season, but it goes from light to a more evening feeling. Over there you have a more copper tone.

Alejandro Ingelmo

image: Getty Images

tFS: After this, you have your collection, what’s next?

AI: We’re going to Paris.

tFS: No time off?

AI: I’m going to go snowboarding but maybe not until December.

tFS: So You’re just going to work and work?

AI: Work and work and work! And close to the end of the year I’ll go away.

tFS: So what’s your trick to get through all the non-stop work?

AI: I love it! I’m passionate about it so for me it’s not really work. I always love every single season, doing something different.

tFS: Is there one pair in this collection that you think a woman should have?

AI: Just this season? The mesh white patent pump just because it’s about finer lines. 

Alejandro Ingelmo

The white mesh pumps you need to have, according to Alejandro Ingelmo; image: Getty Images

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