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One Minute with … Milly Designer Michelle Smith

Milly designer Michelle Smith

image: Imaxtree

What’s black, white and chic all over? We’ll give you one guess. Milly by Michelle Smith took over ArtBeam this afternoon with a solid collection that checked off some of our favorite trends of the season: Classic black and white, sexy cut-outs and low-key sneakers. What’s not to love? We caught up with the mom of two backstage in between throwing peace signs at the camera and hugging her biggest fans, Sophia and William.

theFashionSpot: Your kids ran up to hug you on the runway. So cute!

Michelle Smith: I love for them to come to the show. It’s a sacrifice to be away from my family to create the collection. 

tFS: What do they think of your job?

MS: They love it! It’s a family business. 

tFS: Do your kids ever have a say in the collection?

MS: They do! Sophia has an emerging fashion opinion. 

tFS: You started your business 13 years ago with your husband. How has the industry changed since then?

MS: It was a lot smaller. There are so many designers now. There’s much more competition. You have to stand out and stake your claim. It’s a fight every minute. 

tFS: What’s your highest career moment so far?

MS: The first time I walked out onto the runway. I felt like it was real. Like I had made it.

images: IMAXtree

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