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One Minute With … Designer Cynthia Rowley

Cynthia Rowley Spring 2015 presentation

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Way before Net-a-Porter launched Net-a-Sporter, Alexander Wang got inspired by sneakers and Charlotte Ronson dressed her models in Tevas, Cynthia Rowley was pioneering a fashionable take on activewear. This season, she continued with the theme, showing the likes of track pant-inspired trousers and accessories finished with gym teacher whistle charms. She also introduced a full range of functional activewear. We chatted with the designer at her jam-packed presentation to find out more.

theFashionSpot: What are you excited to do as soon as the show is done?

Cynthia Rowley: The guy I was just speaking with, he’s one of the people I surf with…I can’t wait to wear one of our new wetsuits and go surfing!

tFS: Speaking of wetsuits, the collection is clearly very 70s and athletic wear influenced. Any other inspirations this season?

CR: I am so excited to be introducing our first full activewear collection this season.

tFS: Any particular favorites?

CR: Oh, I can’t choose!

tFS: What about the gold helmet? Will you be selling that piece?

CR: Yes! It’s a bike helmet. We will definitely be carrying it.

tFS: You’re such a pioneer in fashionable activewear. Any specific sports you love or are particularly inspired by?

CR: Anything! I love everything, and if I haven’t done it yet, I will do it. I am up for trying anything.

tFS: You’re very into sweets…what are your go-to snacks?

CR: It’s impossible to choose…we get a delivery every day from Curious Candy.

tFS: Do you prefer sweet or salty?

CR: Both! I go back and forth between the two.

tFS: What’s the most stressful part about the whole Fashion Week circus?

CR: This part right now!


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