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Coco Rocha Talks Her Book, NYFW and the New Twitter Follower She’s Excited About

Image: WireImage/ Getty Images

Image: WireImage/ Getty Images

Last night, Wilhelmina Models hosted a party to fete its NASDAQ listing and also to introduce Nick Jonas (more on him later) as the newest model on the roster. Of course, several models from Wilhelmina’s roster attended the event, including Coco Rocha, who celebrated her 26th birthday yesterday…or actually, didn’t celebrate. When we tried to lavish her with congratulations, she told us that she never actively celebrates her birthday. “I go to Fashion Week,” she said with a laugh when we asked her if she had any plans for her big day.

But it’s not like the model has time for such frivolities like birthday parties — she’s too busy working. She’s gearing up for a book release next month (look for it October 28) and before then has business to attend to during Milan Fashion Week. We caught up with her to hear a little more about her tome and what she’s been loving this season at New York Fashion Week.

theFashionSpot: You have a book coming out soon!

Coco Rocha: Yes! It’s called Study of Pose and it comes out at the end of October. I’m excited. It’s 1,000 images of 1,000 poses, and then there’s a digital version which we shot with 100 cameras, me being in the middle. The digital kids out there can swipe and see the entire image in 360. 

tFS: Do you have any posing tips you’d like to share? 

CR: Well, don’t take a selfie is my one thing. I hate selfies. I think if you have enough guts to do a face shot by holding out your hand in a bathroom stall, you’ve got enough guts to ask that random man, “Can you take a nice photo of me?'” But, if you are taking photos, I think it’s just about having confidence and being goofy. No worries about making that pretty face. We’re in the digital world now. You can take 100 photos til you get the one you like.

tFS: You’re a master poser who obviously knows what she’s doing. Is there a cultural figure that inspires you when you’re werqueing it?

CR: In the book, you’ll definitely see some odes to many people in different eras of art. From Michael Jackson to Marilyn Monroe to the Madonna to the Mona Lisa. I was trying to hit any era. But you won’t know by name — there aren’t any names in the book, it’s just numbers. Hopefully, people will be able to get the concept from seeing the images. Even when I’m shooting, being inspired by what you’re listening to, what you’re wearing and thinking of certain people, that would aspire you to bring out a character. 

Image: WireImage/ Getty Images

Image: WireImage/ Getty Images

tFS: You’ve been up and down Fashion Week. What’s your favorite show that you’ve seen so far?

CR: I would say Christian Siriano was pretty amazing. I think him being on TV was a blessing and a curse. When you’re on TV, some people don’t necessarily take you seriously and he’s someone to watch out for. Just look at his front row, how all those women wanted to come see his show. They weren’t paid to be there, they literally wanted to see his clothes. For being a young designer, that’s pretty fantastic. Zac Posen was another one of my favorites. He changed up his season this year. He cut his gowns straighter, and if you see the details, the front of the dress is so different from the back of the dress — it’s like two dresses in one. I congratulate them both, they’re really good at what they do.

tFS: So, are you off to London next?

CR: I will be in Milan, I’m hosting amfAR and I will be there for some shows, but I’m skipping London and Paris. 

tFS: What’s been your favorite celebrity sighting this week?

CR: I think Jada Pinkett Smith was a big one, especially when she said she was a big fan. I kind of gushed and freaked out like, “You know who I am???” And another favorite moment was Grace Jones started to follow me on Twitter. 

tFS: Whaaat? That’s amazing.

CR: THANK YOU! That’s the first excited response! Everyone’s like, “That’s cool,” and it’s like no, that’s actually insane

tFS: We would be in tears.

CR: I had to check to see if it was real. I was like, “No, it can’t be,” and it was!

tFS: So, you have one week between Fashion Weeks, what are you doing to unwind?

CR: Shoots!

tFS: Ha! What a great way to unwind — more work!

CR: More work, right!? Once Milan’s done, I might have to go to California in between. We’ll see. It doesn’t end. I had my break in August, so that’s it until next August.

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