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Kids Weigh in (Again) on NYFW Spring 2015 Looks

The kids are back! You loved hearing them weigh in on Fall 2014’s most notable ads so much that we brought them back (with some new additions) for another session. This time, Julian (8), Iman (3), Ben (6) and Jack (6) offer their expert criticism on some of New York Fashion Week’s most buzzed about collections. We selected six looks from designers like Thom Browne, Oscar de la Renta and more, and let the kids tell us what to make of next season’s luxury duds.

Hilarity, as always, ensues.

Thom Browne

Image: Imaxtree

Image: Imaxtree

Julian: Is that supposed to be butterflies? I think she is being carried away by an angry storm of butterflies and she has spiders on her eyes.

Ben: That’s creepy.

Jack: Definitely creepy, look at her eyes.

Ben: Her hair looks like a plastic toy.

Jack: Is that confetti?

Ben: Peacock feathers!

Iman: She’s going to a restaurant to eat some chicken. I really like that dress. I would wear it at the restaurant.