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Paris Fashion Week Spring 2015 Hits and Misses: Part 1 (Forum Buzz)

Here they are. What we’ve all been waiting for — the Paris-based Fashion Week collections that got our attention, for reasons both good and bad. This is the city where the fashion standard is set. And it’s a very high standard, indeed. Here are the collections that rose above and fell below the bar so far.  

PFW Spring2015 Hits

The Hits: Christophe Lemaire, Gareth Pugh, Lanvin; Images: IMAXtree and



Christophe Lemaire

“Not sure how he turns something so structured and tailored into something so romantic and dreamy, but he does, gorgeous mood to this collection.” [HeatherAnne

“When he stepped down from Hermes, I was pretty crushed…but, if he’s going to be churning out collections like this every season, I don’t mind at all. Gorgeous.” [Moofins]

“Infinitely wearable and lovely…I would never tire of seeing women – me mostly! – in these clothes.” [Not Plain Jane]

“I love how calm it is. It’s beautiful… what girl wouldn’t love this? You don’t even have to be into ‘minimalism’, it’s something that easily fits into any wardrobe and still makes sense and lives on for years, zero traces of trends or concepts.” [MulletProof]

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Gareth Pugh

“Amazing! I love the use of burlap. The pagan witchcraft influence is cool, I can’t stop looking at it. My favorite Pugh collection so far.” [heelscatchfire]

“Wow. This is truly amazing and interesting to look at. I think this collection has the perfect amount of wearable and editorial mixed in. Very, very nice.” [Salvatore]

“Stark, dark, glamorous, and beautiful; what a thrill!” [Not Plain Jane]


“The clean, fluid silhouettes really work and have a sexiness that I’ve kind of missed from Lanvin recently. It’s also nice to see him scale back the embellishment.There’s something almost Halston-y about the long dresses and skirts.” [Spike413]

“I’m always a sucker for his dark, seductive romance. Swoon.” [Moofins]

“This is how you do sexy. The paradox here is that the collection has a sort of ease which is very hard to achieve, especially those opening gowns that celebrate the body by showing just enough nipples and muscle definition. I’ve felt like Lanvin has gotten a bit heavy over the past few seasons because of the excessive embellishments and tweed but things are looking much cleaner here.” [dodencebt

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