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21 Questions with Barneys’ Simon Doonan

simon doonan

tFS November Guest Editor, Simon Doonan;

Jeff Grossman/

This November, we’re already thinking about the holidays. So who better to guest edit and help us with our shopping than Creative Ambassador for Barneys New York Simon Doonan? From finding the perfect gift for everyone on your list to tips on surviving the holidays, Simon is a font of knowledge. And he’s the most stylish man we know. Truly. Stay tuned for more from him all month long.

But first, he graciously answered our 21 questions. 

  1. When I get dressed in the morning I think… it’s SHOWTIME!!!
  2. The one item of clothing I could never live without is… my flowery shirts. They are custom made by HAMILTON, Barneys premier custom shirtmaker. Perfect fit is the ultimate high.
  3. My current favorite piece to wear is… my Saint Laurent fringed jacket. I feel very sassy when I wear it.
  4. Every woman’s wardrobe should include… a biker jacket. There are days when every gal needs to get tough.
  5. If you looked at my phone you’d see… lots of pics of my husband Jonathan Adler.
  6. My beauty essentials include… Aesop moisturizer. It smells so good I want to eat it. 
  7. The last thing I googled was… Amangiri resort. My husbear and I are going there for our 20th anniversary.
  8. If my days had one extra hour I’d do… an extra hour at the gym. I am one of those weird people that actually enjoys working out.
  9. My guilty pleasure is… I try not to feel guilty about anything. Especially watching trash TV. It makes me happy.
  10. I’m dying to splurge on… a Valentino leather trench. I want to dress like a hired assassin.
  11. On a typical Saturday night, I …walk around Greenwich Village people-watching with JA.
  12. I’m most excited for the holidays because… I go to Florida. It’s trashy and gaudy and it makes me happy and optimistic for the New Year.
  13. When I’m stressed I… do Tai Chi. It is a great meditation technique.
  14. When it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle… I am insanely healthy. I love organic food and I don’t drink. I am ridiculous.
  15. My biggest holiday pet peeve is… ice cold wintry air blowing up my trouser legs.
  16. My one style regret is… I don’t have one. I am very forgiving…especially of myself.
  17. When it comes to picking out the perfect gift… it’s all about Barneys. Our buyers are the best editors in the WORLD. I am happy to blow their trumpet. 
  18. My fashion and style inspiration for the holidays is… Ziggy Stardust. The Holidays are a great time for amping up the glamrock theatricality. 
  19. My favorite floor at Barneys is… Mens designer. The level of creativity and design has never been higher. It is off the chizzies.
  20. The person I’d really like to get locked in the store with is… David Beckham. [Ed. note: Us, too, Simon.] I am a huge soccer fan. I want to hear all the stories from his time at Manchester United.
  21. The best advice I ever got was… never ask for advice because you will never take it.