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One Minute With … Jens Grede of Frame Denim

Frame Denim

Frame Denim’s Fall 2015 collection.

Image: Courtesy of Frame Denim

Fashion Week kicked off with a flashback to the 70s thanks to Frame Denim this morning. The Fall 2015 collection inspired visions of a young Jodie Foster in her best flared jeans. But if forced to pick which film the collection was inspired by, co-founder and designer Jens Grede skillfully evaded answering. The entire tableau of American cinema in that period is up for inspiration, and not just in 1978, the title of the collection.

We spoke with Grede about the collection, his favorite pieces and the amazing pockets on all the clothes.

theFashionSpot: I’m obsessed with that sweater dress. Can I have it for the whole week?

Jens Grede: You like it?

tFS: The collection’s beautiful. I feel the 70s moment is so spot-on right now.

JG: It comes through our filter of course and is very American, and as we said in the release, for us, we looked at America in the 70s sportswear, those style icons of that era and also movies from that era. That was really the main inspiration.

tFS: What movies or icons were you thinking? Were you leaning toward Jodie Foster or…?

JG: I’m not naming references, I’ve learned the hard way [laughs], but let’s say the obvious American style icons and the obvious American movies from that era in the mid-70s. And then we named it 1978 because of the year, actually this is kind of earlier than that but…

tFS: It always seems like 1977 is everyone’s key year.

JG: Yeah, but I was born in ’78! So was Eric!

tFS: Is there one piece in the collection that is your favorite?

JG: I love the whole trouser that we call La Francois with the front pocket.

tFS: And the pencil skirts are incredible.

JG: Yeah and the prints, I love the prints we’ve been doing. I love our silhouette, I think it’s fantastic.

tFS: And pockets on everything, which you don’t usually see.

JG: Yeah, this is of course a statement, but yes, for us it’s an important thing.


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