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Kids Weigh in on Spring Ad Campaigns, and It’s Hysterical

They’re baaack! The spring campaigns are in and we tapped some of the most discerning critics (children) for their keen analysis on this season’s noted spots. As always, the kids keep it emphatically 100 and have no problem letting us know what they really think about this season’s latest from Celine, Alexander Wang, Valentino, Balmain, Karen Walker and Kenzo. Find out what Julian (8), Gabriel (5), Rami (6), Ben (6) and Jack (6) had to say.


Image: Balmain

Image: Balmain

Jack: They are on a team together wearing beautiful uniforms. They’re thinking: this team is totally going to win.

Ben: It’s a dance party at a diner.

Rami: They’re just playing with their food, people. The only thing I like about this is the burger. No, the fries!

Jack: I would be totally freaked out if they came into my restaurant. The clothes are a little too colorful.

Julian: They look like they’ve never had a burger before. Team Scary Space Ladies in bulletproof clothes! I hope that is ketchup!

Gabriel: They are very messy.