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One Minute With … Designer August Getty

image: Getty

image: Getty

It was a family affair backstage at August Getty with the designer hanging tight to both his mother, Ariadne Getty, and his sister/muse Natalia. Just a hair over 20, the young designer was visibly nervous and fidgety minutes before showing his sophomore collection at Lincoln Center. Clad in a trucker hat featuring The Little Mermaid, a fitted leather jacket and a Nike shirt, he took a few minutes to talk nerves and to dish on what we can expect from his upcoming collection.

theFashionSpot: Your last collection was very sexy, how does this one compare?

August Getty: If you thought the last one was sexy, you have no idea. This one is even sexier. I actually took a new direction. It’s all fantasy and very exciting in a strong and twisted, very special way.

tFS: What inspired the collection?

AG: Well, it’s titled “The Other Woman.” I wanted to create a strong, courageous, almost feline woman. You have to be very courageous and twisted to be the other woman. The silhouettes show off the shape of the woman and we used a lot of leather and fur. God bless leather! We also worked to overextend the body. I won’t say how, but I can’t wait for you to see it.

tFS: Can you talk about your design process?

AG: I just start to draw. I don’t necessarily know what’s going to happen, but I just start and from there the fantasy starts to develop. I also have been traveling a lot these last few months, which helped evolve the collection into something beautiful.

tFS: How nervous are you?

AG: I’m much calmer than I was last season. I’ve learned that you have to accept whatever happens; I’ve done my part.

tFS: Any Valentine’s Day plans?

AG: I don’t believe in that shit…this is my love!

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