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One Minute With … Designer Jay Godfrey

image: Getty

image: Getty

Weekends and evenings tend to be the most bustling times at Lincoln Center, so it was a welcome surprise to see how calm things were at Jay Godfrey’s Fall 2015 presentation. The space may have been packed, but there was no pushing, shoving or arduously long wait to get the show started. Turns out that’s exactly how the designer runs his company — efficiently. In the midst of his presentation, we chatted with the designer, who was dapper in a suit that coordinated with his latest collection.

theFashionSpot: We’re smack in the middle of your show, what are you thinking this very second?

Jay Godfrey: That I drank too much coffee!

tFS: What time did you get up?

JG: My alarm rang at 5 a.m.

tFS: Any plans post-show?

JG: I will definitely be sleeping and then we start preparing for all our appointments. We’ll also be shooting the entire collection on Monday.

tFS: What about for Valentine’s Day?

JG: [Laughs] Well, after my nap I’ll take my wife out for dinner.

tFS: Did you pull all-nighters with your team leading up to today’s show?

JG: You know, my team is great. We’re very civil. We actually left at 6 p.m. last night. Everyone has been working very hard for months, so there was no need for any last-minute all-nighters.

tFS: Nice! Any piece you’re particularly proud of?

JG: I love the floral suit. I think this season we really came full circle and that suit reflects that well. We started off with a focus on tailoring, then we shifted to a red carpet focus, now we’re doing both and you can see it with this suit.

tFS: Florals seem to be a burgeoning trend this season. Do you follow trends when you’re designing?

JG: I see hundreds of fashion photographs every day, so invariably I will capture some of that, but I don’t make a point to focus on trends.

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