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One Minute With … Charlotte Ronson

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A mass of people piled into The Pavilion at Lincoln Center to see Charlotte Ronson’s latest for Fall 2015. The setting: A runway in the center of the room with us spectators standing on the sides, jockeying for a better glimpse of the designer’s wares as her sister, Samantha Ronson, took her usual position on the 1s and 2s. The clothes evoked a kind of carefree attitude with flowing fabrics and enough bell sleeves to shake a stick at. Chunky knit sweaters were morphed to hang off the body asymmetrically, exuding that brand of cool effortlessness every woman aims to achieve. For outerwear, sporty silhouettes like bomber jackets were uplifted with details like an oversized popped collar for added drama.

As the models continued to rotate through the presentation, we caught up with the designer to hear a little more about what she’d created this season.

theFashionSpot: So tell us, what was going through your mind as you designed this collection?

Charlotte Ronson: It was inspired by the balance of nature in an abstract setting and the purity of 60s sportswear and construction paired with very feminine and delicate details. I’ve always loved that effortless aesthetic of the 60s, of Françoise Hardy. I really wanted to design for a stronger, freer woman and create wearable outerwear pieces. I wanted to create some androgyny, but still have that perfect twist of femininity as well.

tFS: What’s your favorite piece from this offering?

CR: I’m partial to them all, as it was a very tight-knit, cohesive collection. But I love the burgundy lace pieces and the high-neck dress. That maxi dress with the strong color.

tFS: Tell us about the challenges that came with putting everything together.

CR: I think everything was last-minute, a lot later happening this season. No matter what, it’s stressful and there’s so much to get done, so whether you have extra time or less time, it’s always going to be a stress to have people coming in, getting the collection ready and all. The dress I was meant to wear today didn’t fit right, so I had to have a skirt made this morning.

tFS: That skirt was made this morning?

CR: Yes!

tFS: Looks great! Fashion Week is moving out of Lincoln Center next season. What are you going to miss or not miss about the venue?

CR: Showing at Bryant Park felt the same as showing here, so I always love working with Mercedes-Benz and IMG. But we’ll see where it goes!

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