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One Minute With … Kempner


Kempner’s Fall 2015 collection.

Photo: Courtesy of Kempner/BFA

The second season of Kempner, the label by Meggie and Chris Kempner, the grandchildren of famed socialite and fashion icon Nan Kempner, is off to one heck of a start. Young designers often take years to find their own vision and point of view, but the duo seems to have a solid shot out of the gate. Granted, growing up with incredible fashion may have helped shape their perspectives. But that only means more gorgeous silhouettes for us to ogle.
We spoke with Meggie Kempner about her 70s-themed fall collection, her grandmother’s archive and more.   
theFashionSpot: What’s the inspiration behind the collection?
Meggie Kempner: For this collection, I imagined what a KEMPNER girl would wear to a salon style party — like the ones my grandmother used to throw in the 70s. She would bring together the most eclectic crowd, but they all came dressed to impressed.        
tFS: There was such a 70s YSL Glamorous vibe to the collection. Was that era in play?
MK: Definitely! But with a modern twist! I like the contrast between our rich color palette (inspired by the interiors of a smoking room where I imagine these soirées taking place) and the overtly feminine, flowy silhouettes. The metallic fabrics and rope chained tassels are very 70s.
tFS: Do you get to draw upon your grandmother’s archives for inspiration?
MK: I do! I feel really lucky to have such an amazing resource to work with.       
tFS: If you had to choose, which piece is your favorite out of your collection?
MK: I think I would have to say the copper metallic jumpsuit. I love jumpsuits and feel like they are having a big moment.      
tFS: This is your second season—you’re now seasoned pros! Would you say it’s easier this time around to get everything done?
MK: Building a collection will never be easy, so much goes into it, but I definitely feel more confident and relaxed this time around. I’m super excited about how this season turned out! 
tFS: What’s next? Vacation? Campaign? Store?
MK: A warm vacation sounds nice right about now… 

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