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One Minute With … Tommy Hilfiger

tommy hilfiger

Image: Imaxtree

It’s safe to say that Tommy Hilfiger’s show yesterday won Fashion Week. The football-themed set was probably the closest most of the fashion flock has ever been to seeing a game in person — us included. But the exuberant set and the homecoming-worthy clothes that went with it were enough to make cheerleaders out of us all. Friday Night Lights? Try Tommy Night Lights.

The designer answered our questions about the collection, his upcoming memoir and more.

theFashionSpot: What was the inspiration for the collection?

Tommy Hilfiger: For Fall 2015, I was inspired by Ali MacGraw in Love Story, classic sportswear and all-American football games.

tFS: You’ve said you’d like to sign Tom Brady to a contract. What other male celebrities would you like to sign?

TH: As a matter of fact, we’re currently in the middle of shooting a campaign with tennis star Rafael Nadal, our new brand ambassador. His effortless sense of style is confident, fun, cool and perfectly reflective of our brand spirit.

tFS: What can we expect in your memoir?

TH: After 30 years in the business, I thought it was time to share my personal story. It’s been a wild ride and I hope to pass on what I’ve learned and experienced to the next generation of designers and entrepreneurs.

Tommy Hilfiger

Image: Imaxtree

tFS: You’ve been doing some incredibly innovative things with digital and sales. How do you keep things fresh?

TH: Technology is bringing new energy, speed and creativity to the world of fashion, and I’m constantly looking at new ways to bring digital media into my work. Our runway shows are always complemented by an extensive digital program, I love that social media can open up the experience and conversation to our brand’s consumers and fans around the globe.

tFS: What advice do you have for new designers?

TH: Define a clear vision for your brand and stick to it.

tFS: Finally, where are you going to celebrate your and Dee’s collections?

TH: The lead-up to Fashion Week is always a hectic time, so when it’s over we like to take some time to unwind. We might get out of town for the weekend, or simply spend some time relaxing at home.

Images: Imaxtree

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