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One Minute With … Designer Jill Stuart

Jill Stuart; Image: IMaxTree

Jill Stuart; Image: Imaxtree

What happens when you mix 60s mod together with 70s glam and shake it all up? You get Jill Stuart Fall 2015. We caught up with the designer after the show to talk shop.

theFashionSpot: After all these years, do you still get nervous before a show?

Jill Stuart: It’s more of an adrenaline and an excitement to see all the hard work and long hours coming to fruition.

tFS: You’ve had a lot of famous front row celebs at your show over the years. Who’s been your favorite so far?

JS: I had an amazing group of girls this season. Dylan Penn, Zosia Mamet, Atlanta de Cadenet Taylor, Alix Brown and Julia Goldani Telles. They are all incredible young ladies; hard-working, beautiful, confident and talented. They embody everything we believe in as a brand.

tFS: What are your plans post Fashion Week?

JS: We’re designing for resort. Things keep moving!

tFS: What’s next for the brand?

JS: We celebrate our 10-year anniversary with our makeup line in Japan in May.

Images: Imaxtree

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