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One Minute With … The Blonds

Image: Imaxtree

Image: Imaxtree

You’re never going to have a boring time at a show from The Blonds. The design duo’s runway is a hotbed for the most flamboyant nightlife personalities and the audience is often just as ostentatiously dressed as the models that come down the catwalk. There was a lot to see: colored fur, sequins and glittering bodysuits galore. Also: those nails. Gloriously opulent and shamelessly embellished, once again The Blonds took the mani game to new heights. We stopped by backstage post-show to get the deets.

theFashionSpot: So what is Fall 2015 all about for The Blonds?

David Blond: It’s a collage of different films that we love. It’s an homage to our favorite directors like Kubrick and Jodorowsky. There’s also a film called Orlando that encompasses the sort of character we were trying to create this season, who is a time traveler – she’s genderless and she goes through so many different things in one short period. So, that’s what our woman did this season. She was an adventurer, she was royalty, all these different things. We deconstructed them and then mashed them back together. 

tFS: OK, so we definitely need the tea on these amazing nails. They were hard to miss on the runway.

DB: CND! Every single season they go above and beyond. They are incredible. It’s couture for your fingertips. 

Phillipe Blond: This piece, in particular [pointing to what we can only describe as a mini sculpture of a penis festooned with chains] was an art piece from the film A Clockwork Orange, and it’s used to commit a murder in the movie.

DB: There we go! I’ve got my weapon tonight!

tFS: What piece would you say you are most fond of this season? 

DB: We love this treatment we did, it’s like a camo. We call it the military Matisse. It’s all these different pieces of three-dimensional hand-cut paillettes. That was all done and randomly cut and then pieced together to create a camo effect from afar. But when you get up close, you realize it’s this three-dimensional piece. It’s almost as if there are explosions coming off it. We like to call the piece the “Holy Mountain.” 

PB: Because it looks like a mountain, it’s giant!

tFS: What’s next for you guys?

DB: We’re working on a few other projects – we’re starting a tour with someone, we can’t really talk about it yet, but we’ll be busy!

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