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Interview: We Are Handsome Has a Theatrical Production In Store for Us Tonight

WeAreHandsomeWe caught up with Jeremy and Katinka Somers from We Are Handsome just four days out from their big show, which happens in just a few hours, but the pair was more excited than stressed. “Because anything that can go wrong will go wrong, you know that it’s coming so you just deal with it as it comes and you just keep heading towards show day,” Jeremy says.

We Are Handsome is showcasing their activewear tonight, and it’s the first time any designer has officially done so at MBFWA. The duo is choosing to show offsite in Paddington at a tennis stadium this year, with Jeremy saying, “We have a huge, sort of theatrical production going on.”

There might not be snakes, but we’ll make a sure bet it’s going to be a show to remember.