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21 Questions with… We Are Handsome Designer Katinka Somers


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We Are Handsome may be best known for wanderlust-inspiring swimwear, but that’s about to change as the brand rolls out more activewear, ready-to-wear and an array of lifestyle products. At the helm of the label, which is credited with helping put Australian fashion brands on the international map, is designer Katinka Somers, who runs We Are Handsome with her husband Jeremy. Founded in 2009, the brand quickly became a favorite of celebrities, including Beyoncé, Diane Kruger and Rihanna. Currently stocked in over 38 countries, every piece is 100 percent Australian designed and sewn. Here, the designer answers our quickfire questions.
  1. I usually wake up around… 6-ish, when my husband wakes me up with tea and my puppies bounce on top of me.
  2. A key to starting my day on a positive note is… exercise!
  3. When it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle… be active, eat well and treat yourself more than you should!
  4. The most inspiring place I have ever traveled to is… Africa — hands down. The sky is bigger there, the people are all encompassing and warm. The rainstorms are momentous, wonderfully loud and engulfing affairs that leave the earth refreshed. There’s nothing as inspiring as an African safari, it’s my total happy place.
  5. My most treasured piece of clothing is… hmm, I’m not very materialistic, but if I had to save anything in a fire, it would be my Balmain boots.
  6. The best gift I ever received was… my birthday gift this year. My husband kept our puppy’s first tooth and worked with the creative duo at Sarah & Sebastian to have it made into a custom necklace pendant encased in gold. It is the most beautiful sentiment.


    Image: Courtesy

  7. When I’m looking to get inspired I… think of Africa, scroll through my Instagram, listen to my current fave album on Spotify.
  8. When I’m stressed I… let my husband (and business partner) have it, then I have a cup of tea in a calm, quiet space.
  9. What keeps me excited about working in fashion is… the chance to innovate and be creative almost every day.
  10. If my days had one extra hour I’d… get more work done/start a puppy shelter.
  11. My beauty essentials include… Aesop — hair and shower products and sunscreen!
  12. When it comes to our new fitness line… I get the pick of the best; being a “product tester” has its perks!
  13. The key to swimwear shopping is… find something that is comfortable, accentuates your body and you feel good in.
  14. I’d never travel without… ear plugs, eye mask, lip balm and my husband.
  15. My biggest fashion pet peeve is… everyone falling over themselves for a trend. Do what works for you!  
  16. When it comes to working with my significant other… I wouldn’t have it any other way. He’s my best friend and the most creative person I know.
  17. I’m excited about the upcoming fall season because… we have two new ranges dropping, some of the best we’ve ever designed. The prints are awe-inspiring and the styles are on point.
  18. Every woman should own… high quality towels and sheets.
  19. Every man should own… up to his mistakes (ha-ha) and a crisp white shirt!
  20. My biggest style regret is… the 90s. I took a while figuring out that I didn’t look good with a fringe.
  21. On a typical Saturday I… wake up late and spend the morning with the pups exploring the outdoor world. Saturday morning is traditionally a rest day in our home.