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Rosa Tous Talks TOUS Spring 2015 Collection and the Importance of Sustainability in the Jewelry Industry

Rosa Tous Gala Gonzalez

Image: Rosa Tous (L) and Gala Gonzales (R) courtesy TOUS Jewelry

Last night, TOUS feted its Spring 2015 collection with a celebration at Gary’s Loft in Midtown. The collection, inspired by the beauty and vibrancy of Miami, includes brightly-colored gems that mingle with metallics galore for an appealing combination of statement pieces and standout items that add something special to your everyday look. TOUS also rolled out a collaboration with Spanish fashion blogger and DJ Gala González, who brought modern, youthful sensibilities to her range. 

Guests browsed through displays of TOUS’ latest as they sipped pink cocktails and rosé, chatting and mingling as the DJ spun tunes. Guests posed for a photographer with TOUS jewelry and golden renderings of the famous TOUS bear. Gala González was on hand for the festivities as well, sporting a burnt orange tie-front dress, layering dainty necklaces and rocking a few bracelets from her range with the brand. Rosa Tous, corporate VP of the label, was also at the event, in high spirits greeting guests and speaking with journalists about the latest collection.

Prior to the affair, we chatted with the woman behind the brand, Ms. Tous, who dished on the latest collection, working with Gala González and what it means to be dedicated to the virtues of sustainability as a jewelry brand. 

theFashionSpot: What made you want to partner with Gala González for this project?

Rosa Tous: Gala is one of the people that best represents today’s fashion and trends. This is why TOUS wanted to merge its jewelry know-how with Gala’s creative talent to transform her ideas and designs into this unique jewelry collection.

tFS: What are some of the ideas behind the collaboration with Gala? 

RT: The Gala for TOUS collection is inspired by organic and ethnic elements which, combined with a palette of highly natural colors, reflects the fresh, bohemian and non-conformist style of today’s It-girl.

tFS: What are some of your favorite pieces from this collection?

RT: I like all the pieces from the Gala for TOUS collection, but if I have to decide, I must say the ear cuff. It is a piece that is in fashion right now and it has become a must-have for all fashionable women.

Vermeil TOUS Gala ear cuff with emerald and quartz

Vermeil TOUS Gala ear cuff with emerald and quartz, $235

tFS: What was the most memorable part about working with Gala?

RT: I am thrilled with the result of this partnership. Working with Gala was really satisfactory for all of us, since she has lots of ideas and energy!

tFS: What made you choose Miami as the inspiration for the Spring 2015 collection?

RT: Miami is a very exciting place. Miami is inspiring because of its sightseeing, its sun, its colors…but especially because of its cultural contrasts and mixes. That makes Miami a very special place.

tFS: What is your favorite piece from Spring 2015?

RT: I am totally in love with the cocktail ring from the Miami collection. Its prominence and color shift to the structure, and the simplicity is captured in a transparent gemstone with an Art Deco aesthetic. The neon-colored rubber bands transform the piece into different rings.

tFS: What was the most difficult part about putting together the spring collection?

RT: I would say that the most difficult thing in the creative is always to decide which pieces we go ahead with, and which we need to avoid. In the beginning there are always lots of ideas and prototypes and we need to make a selection at the end. This is not easy when you like everything!

tFS: Where did the idea for the “Tender Stories” video campaign come from?

RT: Tenderness is one of our main brand values and it is universal. We wanted to focus on telling stories that reach people and share the tenderness unique to TOUS from angles that have never before been explored in a cool, intelligent, emotional and fun tone. Each story is a complete world of feelings and real life situations with plenty of tenderness.

tFS: Why was it so important to you to show that particular family dynamic in Tender Stories No. 2?

RT: Our aim is to communicate that tenderness can be all around, in a love story like Tender Stories No. 1, in a family relationship like Tender Stories No. 2, and in many other moments and situations of our lives that maybe we will see in the future!

tFS: Since joining the family business, what do you feel you’ve uniquely been able to bring to the TOUS brand?

RT: Being part of a family, joining a family business, makes all of us feel like we really are working as one. We do have the same goal in mind, and we trust the responsibility of each other.

tFS: As a woman sitting as the Corporate Vice President of a major jewelry brand, do you have any advice for other women who have business aspirations but also a love of fashion and accessories?

RT: The most important advice is to not stop working for your dreams. Do whatever you do with passion!

tFS: Sustainability is important to the TOUS brand. What steps are you taking to make sure your products are created in a sustainable manner? 

RT: As a gemologist I have been always aware of the industry behind the jewelry shop.There is still a lot to do, but little by little, we can change things, by applying for a formal commitment in order to be our dealer, that includes the best sustainable practices.

tFS: What do you think more jewelry companies can do to make sure that they’re putting out ethical products?

RT: As a responsible jewelry brand, we must be sure about the origin of all our products. At TOUS, we control the origin of all the metals, gemstones and other materials used in the creation of our products. Regarding the diamonds, for example, we follow the Kimberley Process, which is a special system of certifications to prevent the presence of conflict diamonds in the market. We only deal with suppliers who respect this process.

tFS: If there was only one piece of jewelry you were allowed to wear for the rest of your life, what would it be?

RT: It is really hard to decide as I love all the jewelry, but I guess I would choose a pair of earrings. The earrings can give a special brightness to your face, making you feel powerful and secure of yourself. It is a very feminine piece.

tFS: What jewelry trends in the market fascinate you most?

RT: I am fascinated with all the new materials and processes that are used to make jewelry. We always say that at TOUS, innovation is not a department, it is an attitude. Innovation is about eliminating preconceived ideas. We like to combine the jewelry tradition with the latest technological advances. We pioneered the use of electroforming, the bilaminate…and now we are making jewelry with new materials like titanium.

tFS: What’s one piece of jewelry every woman should have?

RT: A diamond. No matter its shape or its size.

Check out a few images from the event below.

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