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101 Best Looks From the Spring 2017 Menswear Collections

We’re the first to admit that part of the appeal of taking in the men’s presentations is the high quotient of hot guys. But we’re also attracted to the clothes, often craving several menswear pieces for our own closets. While there was definitely a lot to fawn over this season, we couldn’t help but be drawn in by several of the women’s looks, which are now part and parcel on the catwalk alongside the men’s collections. When it came to trends, there were quite a few to choose from. Pants came cropped and/or high-waisted, double denim saw a return to the spotlight, beach attire made a splash and numerous labels enlisted distinct military influences. Oh, and Hood By Air tried to make arm slings as accessories happen.

We witnessed outfits that could simply saunter off the runway straight into real life, while others were a bit too out-there for us commoners. (Is it just us or do some designers try to make the models look as ridiculous as possible?) If you weren’t able to check out all the men’s shows, we went ahead and did the hard work for you. Just scroll through the slideshow above to see what the fellas will soon be wearing.

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