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21 Questions With… Victoria’s Secret Model Bridget Malcolm


Image: Courtesy of The Society

Australian model Bridget Malcolm — a 24-year-old vegan with a weakness for chocolate chip cookies — will walk in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show for the second time on November 30. But there’s a lot more to this beauty than meets the eye. For one, she’s incredibly disciplined, something she no doubt picked up from over a decade practicing ballet and her classical training as an oboist. She’s as devoted to meditation as she is fitness and she’s also a newlywed. Want to know more? Check out the runway model’s answers to our quickfire questions.

  1. In the morning… I wake up at 5:30 a.m. I go straight to 15 minutes of meditation and then I usually have a coffee. After, I go for a run for about 3 miles and then 30 minutes of light yoga. I follow that up with a protein shake. My favorite is a vegan one with greens, hemp seeds, almond milk and a banana.
  2. My beauty essentials include… Dr. Hauschka Rose Day Cream, Mad Hippie Vitamin C Serum, Bio-Oil and Control Corrective sunblock.
  3. I’m dying to splurge on… everything Chloe or Saint Laurent.
  4. The person I’d love to work with is… Tina Fey.
  5. My biggest fear is… climate change.
  6. To stay in shape… I do Body By Simone, yoga and I run.
  7. When I can’t motivate myself to work out… I take a nap and try again later.
  8. If you looked in my fridge you’d find… a lot of vegetables and vegan chocolate chip cookies.
  9. When it comes to modeling, I struggle with… early call times.
  10. One thing people don’t know about modeling is… it’s more about the relationships you build and a positive attitude toward the people you work with.
  11. My favorite beauty trick is… highlight one facial feature when doing makeup.
  12. A tip for looking good in a picture is… smile and be happy. Happy girls are the prettiest girls!
  13. When it comes to dealing with insecurities… I speak to people who truly know me and love me for a confidence boost.
  14. If my days had one extra hour… I’d sleep.
  15. The trick to shopping for lingerie is… make sure you feel comfortable in it.
  16. The best place I’ve ever traveled is… Rottnest Island, Australia because of the quokkas.
  17. In 20 yearsI will hopefully be happily settled in Australia with my husband and kids.
  18. If I wasn’t a model… I’d be a classical oboist.
  19. The best piece of advice I ever got was… keep looking forward.
  20. My biggest pet peeve is… loud chewers.
  21. One thing I wish people knew about me is… I want to change the world!