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All the February 2017 Covers We Loved and Hated

While the idea of makeup-free covers is nice in theory, it’s somewhat counterintuitive for a beauty magazine like Allure. And if you aren’t also forgoing Photoshop, doesn’t it defeat the whole purpose? Unfortunately, makeup-free is mostly used as an easy way to garner extra publicity and is rarely that impactful. Leave it to Lena Dunham, however, to actually push the envelope with an airbrush-free full body shot — cellulite and all.

Retouching aside, there wasn’t much in the way of diversity this month (though Solange Knowles and Taraji P. Henson did stand out as two of the month’s best cover models), but there was a solid showing of beautiful model covers, especially for up-and-comers. Fashion-wise, Fendi and Saint Laurent came out on top with multiple covers.

Here’s a look at all the need-to-know February 2017 magazine covers.