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When it comes to who will come up with the most innovative theme for the Spring 2010 couture season, Anne Valerie Hash will likely take the cake. The designer told that she “can’t do couture like Chanel or Dior – of course not.” 

But she did want to experiment in a different way, and since such she had an idea “to do something about personal clothing, memory, and identity”, she wrote to people she has long admired and asked them to send her something of theirs to transform. Among those she wrote to were Lanvin designer Alber Elbaz, who sent her a pair of his pajamas, Jean Paul Gaultier, who sent a sailor sweater from his wardrobe, Tilda Swinton, who gave the designer a slogan T-shirt, Peter Doherty, who sent a long an old military jacket, and avid couture collector Daphne Guinness, who gave the designer a Chanel jacket. The items given by these notables were combined with ones given by friends to create 14 unique pieces.


The sheer talent that it takes to make this seeming hodgepotch of items into a flowing, cohesive collection is remarkable in its own right, but succeed she did. In a mostly dark color palette with spots of bright pallettes and prints, she notably turned Elbaz’s PJs into a trompe l’oeil black sequin jumpsuit, and Swinton’s tee into a piece of a metallic lame – how Project Runway-esque!

According to the designer, these pieces were not made with the intention of being sold, but rather they are an “experiment I intend to continue in my couture collections.”