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As I write this I am sitting in an internet café in Munich, next to my treasured Givenchy New Sacca Tote, which I bought the last time I was in Germany at a wonderful boutique called Maendler. For anyone that plans on coming to Munich, it is a must-stop along with Theresea.

Riccardo Tisci, who has been designing for the house since 2005, has brought so much new life to Givenchy it’s hard not to covet most of what comes out from the label, in particular their shoes and handbags. Now the house has added two, slightly more affordable, offerings to their line-up – Eaudemoiselle and Dance, two fragrances that will hit beauty counters in the spring.

Eaudemoiselle is being connected to the brand’s history, in particular to Hubert de Givenchy’s aristocratic identity. It is a rose-based fragrance that has notes of mandarin, lemon, Japanese basil, ylang ylang, orange blossom, cedar wood, ambrette seed, tonka bean and musk. Dance will be very similar to Eaudemoiselle, but targeted at a younger demo and have the addition of apple in its notes. Both scents will retail for around €60 according to the Independent UK.

As much as I love Givenchy, I’m not a big fan of apple, lemon, basil, or orange blossom and I am doubtful that anything will ever top Tom Ford’s White Suede (who knew there was a fragrance so good it could actually make me smile every time I spray it on), but I will give the fragrance a chance when it hits – and I must say I’m loving the simple, classic packaging.