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57 ‘Real’ Women Pose for Aerie’s Latest Body-Positive Campaign

The body positivity movement has been gaining traction in the past couple of years and smart lingerie brands are taking advantage of the opportunity.

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In its quest to make women feel more confident in their own bodies, Aerie launched the first #AerieREAL campaign back in 2014, featuring Photoshop-free models. This year, the brand reaffirmed its commitment to the campaign with new ads featuring 57 non-models of various shapes, sizes, skin tones and ages — including one model in a wheelchair and another with an ostomy bag. In other words, “real” women who are too often absent from mainstream fashion.

That’s not all. Aerie has also initiated a program in partnership with The National Eating Disorders Association that aims to promote body confidence. New fitting room policies offer tools to help customers find the right fit and leave affirmations on sticky notes for the next customer.

With such positive messaging and imagery, it’s no wonder that Aerie saw a 38 percent sales increase in the first quarter of 2018. Victoria’s Secret, are you paying attention?

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