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Q:  In general, what do you like most about modeling?  What was your favorite experience as a model?

A:  I love working with new people almost every day – it’s exciting and inspiring. I love traveling to new places I have never been to… and it is awesome to work with all those great designers and photographers!  For example, I would have never imagined that I’d meet or talk to Karl Lagerfeld.  Every job is a new experience.  There’s so much to see and to learn everywhere.

The best moment for me so far was when Carine Roitfeld gave me my own personal copy of the March 2009 issue of French Vogue.  She is an incredible woman.

Q:  What is the story behind your short haircut?

A: Carine Roitfeld, Didier Malige and Mert & Marcus decided to cut my hair for the March 2009 issue and cover of French Vogue.  I love the haircut, it’s the best thing that could have happened to me.

Q:  What was the scariest thing that you had to do in an editorial or a runway show?

A:  Shoes… shoes can be the scariest thing sometimes… for both shows and editorials.

Q:  What do you like most about living in New York?

A:  Everything. The people, the energy, the food, the great restaurants, meeting friends, going for a coffee, going for a run along the Hudson River, going rollerblading in Central Park. There are so many things to do.

Q:  Do most of your friends work in the fashion industry?

A:  No, not at all. Of course I have lots of friends in the industry, but I also still have my friends back home that have nothing to do with fashion. I really do need both.

Q:  What past or present models’ work do you admire most?  You mentioned that Heidi Klum is your favorite model, why?

A:  I don’t really have an idol… you have to find your own way somehow, but it is great to watch and learn from all the great models.  I once mentioned Heidi Klum because I admire how she is able to manage her job and her family in such an awesome way.  Sure, she has money and I guess loads of nannies and personal trainers that help her, but still, she is so very disciplined and always everywhere… at all the events, even if she is eight months pregnant or just gave birth – I think that is incredible and not easy at all, money or not.

Q:  So many refer to you as being an incredibly nice person, even during times when a model is understandably under stress, is this how you have always been? Is there a philosophy behind your demeanor?

A:  Yes, I have always been like that I think. My philosophy – if you want to call it that – is, that everybody deserves to be respected and treated in a nice way.  I hate models that treat dressers or assistants or whoever badly. Of course it’s not always easy to be nice and calm, especially during the shows when more than 500 people are pulling, pushing, touching, and screaming at you every single day, but I try to give my best.

Q:  Are you looking forward to the upcoming prêt-à-porter seasons?  What are your hopes for the upcoming year?

A:  As crazy as it sounds but I am looking forward to the shows. They are really exhausting, our schedule is crazy, but it’s also a great energy for me to be able to do these awesome shows and work with all these designers. I hope for the best for the upcoming year, and I am going to enjoy every bit of it.

Q:  Is there anything that you want to add or say to your fans?

A:  Yes, I would love to say thank you for all your hard work, support and nice words, it’s totally motivating for me!  Thank you all!  And my mother agency, Place Models!

Yannis Nikolaou of Place Models in Hamburg, Germany talks about Iris…  

Q:  What sets Iris apart from other models?


A:  I think Iris is very high level, she looks somehow like a princess, she has a very relaxed attitude, she seems very calm but she also has a mystery.  Iris is a person who respects everybody, but she’s not necessarily friends with everybody… which makes her cooler.

Q:  What was your impression of Iris the first time you met her?

A:  I was happy to see a girl who was so interesting looking and so nice!  When she came into the agency [Place Models], for the first five days I took Polaroids and Polaroids and Polaroids of her, I was happy to have her in front of my camera.

Q:  How would you describe Iris?

A:  Iris is down to earth, she’s very easygoing. Sometimes she reminds me of Tilda Swinton in the movie Orlando.  She is thankful for her success.  I wish more models were like her.

So what has Iris been up to lately?

After presenting Givenchy’s pre-fall collection and walking for Hugo Boss in Berlin, Iris stormed into Paris for the Spring/Summer 2010 haute couture shows.  She walked for fashion luminaries Christian Dior, Chanel, Valentino and Jean-Paul Gaultier and opened the Givenchy show and opened and closed Armani Privé.

Photos courtesy of Place Models and the Fashion Spot forums.

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