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Few of Warhol’s superstars rose as quickly as Edie Sedgwick. A California-born Massachusetts art school dropout, Sedgwick moved to New York City in 1964, and by 1965, she had met Andy Warhol, dyed her hair blonde, cropped it all off, and had throngs of ‘youthquakers’ shouting her name at public appearances.

 Her look, paired with the success of Twiggy in the UK, sparked a massive shift in the fashions of the late 1960’s, from box-cut suits to miniskirts and opaque tights. Sedgwick was a girl of many talents – she acted and modeled – but most notoriously, she partied. A definitive socialite, she spent most of her days at Warhol’s famous Factory and most of her nights at New York’s hottest parties.  

Her first staring role and film collaboration with Warhol, the aptly titled Poor Little Rich Girl, was a partially out of focus story of her life and how she managed to blunder through her inheritance in just six months. From that point on, her place in It-girl history was paved in stone. Her incredibly slender figure, the result of drug addiction and an eating disorder, landed her modeling jobs in Vogue Magazine, and her kohl-rimmed eyes and boyish look spawned an entire movement in fashion – the birth of the waif.  

Some have remarked that her addictive personality was limited to fame and controlled substances, but her addictive patterns are evident in everything from her personal relationships to her make-up and beauty regiment. She was the first of the now rampant group of It-girls that can seemingly wear anything, which was certainly a novelty at the time.

Her fame faded quickly, and after only 18 months in the spotlight, Sedgwick’s drug addiction and personal problems led her in a downward spiral that lasted until just before her death in 1971. She has inspired everyone from Kate Moss and Patti Smith to John Galliano, and remains to this day one of the most beloved of the 1960’s style icons.  

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