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She plays a troublemaker on the hit show Gossip Girl, but in real life she’s as sweet as they come, which may be why COACH chose her as a new guest designer for their preppy Poppy collection. Michelle Trachtenberg is adding a little punk attitude to a luxurious collection that fuses Swarovski crystals, pearls, black diamonds, and gemstones with mismatched hardware.

Set to launch this Spring, Michelle’s signature design seen throughout the collection is a heart-shaped crest and antique key charm.

The perfect necklace, a gold and silver chain, pretty pearls, and Swarovski crystal heart and key charms will go with any day or evening look.

This gold and crystal Stone Heart Ring will add a vintage, punk edge look to any outfit.

A three-chain ID bracelet adorned with colorful crystals and black diamonds will spice up any preppy girl’s wardrobe.

Stone Chandelier earrings add a little sparkle with attitude.

The perfect juxtaposition of uptown chic and downtown punk, Michelle’s influence on Poppy this season will bring a confident, romantic, rocker edge with the refinement of a socialite.