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 On February 12th, the 2010 Winter Olympics are scheduled to commence in Vancouver, Canada.  In anticipation of the upcoming events, the New York Times magazine will feature 13 U.S. Olympic athletes in a photo essay shot by Ryan McGinley.  McGinley traveled across the U.S. to photograph each subject in their respective training camps.  For this story, each athlete will wear a costume that has been custom designed for them by the sisters behind the Rodarte label.   Among the 13 competitors featured are figure skaters, pairs skaters, snowboarders, freestyle skiers, and a ski jumper.  For each portrait, the clothing was designed to reflect the individual sports of each subject and to move naturally with them as they fly through the air.   

Reality TV’s latest media darling, Johnny Weir, is among the featured skaters, and is seen wearing a full-body crocheted jumpsuit, reminiscent of the highly coveted sweaters that Rodarte did for Fall 2009.


This knit has become quite a signature for the brand now so, it will be interesting to see what the rest of the looks are like…will there be more versions of this or will they do something completely different for each athlete?

In any case, this is a fantastic layout.  Be sure to pick up the NY Times today for the full feature.