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Fresh off of a stint selling bags for Louis Vuitton, Madonna takes up with another high end client: Dolce & Gabbana. The gritty black and white Steven Klein photos bring us back to Madonna and the design duo’s Italian roots, showing her to be the most glamorous of mamas cooking in a cluttered kitchen and washing dishes while wearing an short-sleeved animal print dress. My favorite shot is the one of her blowing a kiss while wearing a bodysuit and thigh-high stockings. She looks like Courtney Love on a good day in that one.

The ads hit Vanity Fair in Italy late last fall, but are finally surfacing in American magazines. This month’s W features a few images from the campaign along with quotes from a very excited Stefano Gabbana. He enthuses over his new muse’s acting ability, saying about one shot where she cries as she reads a letter: “She was really crying! It wasn’t fake!”

The clothing is all wearably sexy:  deep necklines, silk skirts with floral prints, crocheted tops and body suits. Much like the figure hugging line that debuted 25 years ago, the pieces come together to create a woman who is vulnerable, ladylike, and sensual. And of the superstar whose longevity is no surprise to anyone?  As Gabbana remarked on twitter during the shoot: “M, she’s simply beautiful…”