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The monochromatic collection, aptly titled The Heart of the Woods and What I Found There, conjured images not of lush forest greenery but of cold, decomposing woods. Tones within the neutral spectrum were explored, but the boundary between achromatism and color was never crossed. Several of the looks paired mostly sheer leggings with pieced-together tops or jackets; suitable bottoms be damned. Traditional autumn wear it may not have been, though tweed was used to accent one fluffy black jacket.

Styling for the show was, in a word, perfect; no detail was overlooked. Crimped, side-swept bangs gave way to a mass of perfectly messy backcombed hair. Blue lipstick and pale foundation created a whole army of fashionable, frostbitten zombies. Nails were expertly done by Maayan Zilberman, of the indie lingerie label The Lake & Stars. Acrylics were applied to the nails and then singed at the tips, creating scarily realistic claw-like hands.  Subtle and sculptural heels by Irregular Choice – in colors mimicking the outfits, natch – expertly rounded out each look.

Standouts of the show included plush, puffed hoods on white jackets, gauzy reimagined cocoon jackets in both white and black, and of course, the legwear. Gallagher’s leggings featured a variety of design elements, including leg-cascading zippers, mesh panels with decidedly risqué placement, and the use of differing materials including treated leather, lycra, and silk. Gallagher’s show was a vertiable collage of techniques and fabrics, one that did not disappoint.


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