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Alexander McQueen was a name that so many of us knew. Imaginative, boundary breaking, outrageous, iconoclastic. He will never be forgotten.

Fan Art, flowers, and other mementos outside of the Alexander McQueen store on 14th Street:

I walked around downtown for a bit, and it seemed to be too cold for people to be in the streets. But I did get a shot of this stylish pair on 14th Street. Note the subtle lightening of gray in her coat, as well as the distressed hem.

Uptown in Bryant Park, outside the tents…the laddered stockings made it for me.

This girl was so sweet! She wished me happy Valentine’s Day.

I had to wonder whether this lady hated the show she was leaving. Love the leopard print.


I love how these ladies coordinated their reds.


This woman reminded me of a conquering Queen. Swagger!

I saw his guy on the train, then ran into him in the park. He was waiting to do the makeup for Custo Barcelona’s show in the tents. His ring is a pair of delicate gold antlers.

I thought this man a model, but he’s a photographer from New Zealand. He’d just gotten into the city that day.

This guy had a German editorial team trailing him. Can you blame them? 

Photos by Faith Bowman.