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There couldn’t be a better time – or a better designer – to create an ode to New York City collection. Mizrahi is one of the few designers that has the ability to appeal to the most elitist Upper East Sider, while also being coveted by a young, trendsetting, edgier set. Fittingly, his program notes stated that "every Upper East Sider has at least once admired a bag lady," and the runway show was divided into "Parka Avenue," "Society Samurai," "Vagrant Fairies," "Fish&Wildlife," and "Seven Winter Fairies."

Fur played a prominent role in the collection as it has in many collection thus far – notably in the accessories, where a handbag worn as a backpack lined at the bottom with fur was particularly memorable.

Given the various segments the show was divided into, the designer was able to explore a variety of colors ranging from neutral to popping, a variety of fabrics (from light as air to heavy and layered), as well as a range of silhouettes going from casual everyday staples to princess-worthy gowns fashioned in a breadth of ways. More impressive than the individual looks  was how well they flowed to make a cohesive collection.

The piece de resistance was when snow fluttered down from the ceiling and a parade of opulent, glistening looks made their way down the runway. My eyes opened with excitement when I spotted a black coat with a sequin hood that was lined with fur.

The show ended with Mizrahi walking, then skipping, down the runway. The designer was all smiles — as he should be after the dazzling show he pulled off.